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Trying to find my place in the world as a young, aspiring artist and musician, I was inadvertently being driven by a sort of mindless inertia dictated by unquestioned assumptions, gaining neurotic momentum until all of a gradual sudden, I hit a sort of thick, metaphorical wall, catapulting me into the abyss as my narratives swiftly melted away like cotton candy accidentally dipped in water by an unsuspecting raccoon.

I was free falling –– fortunately, as I later realized, with no ground beneath.

Being Human is... complicated. We have such deep, intense emotions, vivid memories and powerful imagination with the capacity to condense our ideas into the physical world, along with a profound yearning to express and connect. We wish to be contained yet long for infinite expansion. We’re born as the throbbing, blossoming cradle of consciousness and meaning, as the way for the universe to know itself –– to understand itself –– bursting with creative energy, straight from the inarticulable divine through an unbroken chain of molecular evolution that traces back to the big bang –– and then we kinda just get thrown on the fast track of “life”, soak up a bunch of convoluted narratives, standards and beliefs subconsciously imposed by our social/cultural/political context, become overly attached to a limited identity, we're driven by compulsion and basically go on autopilot until we meet our sweet demise. Which doesn’t sound particularly fun, in my opinion.


We’re tangled up way worse than those old apple earphones.

No one really teaches us how to be (human). The instruction manual got lost somewhere — such a shame, it had a beautiful hand drawn cover. We’re a species of amnesiacs. So I have no greater passion other than to understand what it means to be human, what it means to be me, to be us – to "be". I wish to find better systems and frameworks from which to respond more skilfully to life and move towards what we value. As well as to continually progress as an artist, polishing my ability to effectively communicate the numinous.


My intention is to share my observations and insights on human nature, reality and self-transcendence, as well as to dispel unhelpful narratives around creativity/creative living, disclose my process, and collaborate with other talented humanz. And when words reach their limit –– as they most often do –– well, that's where music, storytelling and other means of poetic transmission necessarily come in :)


You can think of my content as being in a “Show and Tell" format — which was coincidentally my favourite class when I was a wee lad.

Why am I doing this? Honestly, it’s just for selfish reasons. I truly feel that self-knowledge, fostering an inquisitive mind and living creatively can lead to greater compassion, sensitivity, clarity, understanding and ultimately, a world where we can have a chance at a thriving environment and harmonious society. Where we can move beyond unnecessary turmoil and fulfil our potential as the self contemplating organ of the universe –– which is something I personally want.


And I’m not talking about a utopia, not even close –– It’s just that we can definitely do better.


So, if you’re interested, I invite you to be part of this selfish endeavour! A journey with no destination. To Understand Ourselves Better, Rekindle Curiosity, Unclog Creative Potential and Increase Global Compassion.

And who knows? Maybe we can get to know each other further and see where our blooming relationship goes (romantic dinners and all) <3



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